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Hello All My Connected Friends & Followers!
I have an URGENT MESSAGE for you, do not delay! Please read!
The Sqip Portal WILL GO LIVE TUESDAY, APRIL 28TH, 2009!!!

Join with me FREE in SQIP here:
Be sure to listen to the audio!
The Sqip Portal WILL GO LIVE TUESDAY, APRIL 28TH, 2009!!!

SQIP offers multiple sites, features, opportunities and our Member Reward Program.

Sqip members share in the profits generated by the entire Sqip membership; not just the direct sales commissions from their own referral network. With our member reward program you get 100 FREE PEPs as soon as you sign up…no strings, no catch, no small print…just free for joining & checking Sqip out.

PEPs are Private Equity Points. PEPs are reward points that grow in value & pay cash dividends. The PEP value is calculated every week and increases as the membership in Sqip grows.

Profit Share:

For every Euro in sales 50 cents is allocated in real time to pay commissions to the referrer network and 50 cents goes into the dividend pool. The total amount in the dividend pool is divided by the total PEPs owned by members and credited to their accounts. This is the daily dividend payment.

Naturally, the amount will vary from day to day but we expect to pay dividends of up to 5 Euros per PEP over a 12 month period.

Please manage your expectations. Dividends will be fractions of a cent to begin with but will increase and keep increasing as more income streams are activated and the membership grows and expands globally in over 30 languages.


You can earn cash commissions & bonus PEPs on purchases made by anyone in your referral network and you never need to buy or sell anything yourself.

You are paid 5% commission from every purchase made by anyone in your referral network.
Your referral network is 10 levels deep with unlimited members on each level.

You also receive 5% in matching bonus PEPs from all additional PEP purchases made by any member in your referral network

Commissions are allocated and credited to your account in real time & paid out every Friday.
PEP dividends. The more PEPs you own, the bigger your dividend payments can be.

Dividends are calculated by pooling the net profits from purchases made throughout the entire Sqip membership network and sharing those profits out on a per PEP basis.

The purchase of additional PEPs is not included in the dividends.The purchase of PEPs generates 50% commission paid to the referrer network with the balance being used as working capital in SqipCom.

Buy back Plan:

The total number of PEPs available is strictly limited and allocated or sold on a first come basis.When these PEPs are gone new PEPs will not be issued.thus ensuring the continued growth in value of the PEPs that are allocated. This is why only a small percentage of the total membership will have the opportunity to own PEPs.

The PEP value is pegged to the membership growth of Sqip. When the membership reaches a certain level we will buy back your PEPs.

This can mean a profit for you of up to 10 Euros or more per PEP paid in a lump sum cash dividend.

You don’t have to wait until then. You can sell PEPs at any time on the Sqip Bids auction site.
Income streams. Sqip will have over 50 income streams that you share in. Some of these have a mass market appeal like flat rate international and mobile calls.
Other services are more niche market like multi user video conference upgrades with real time collaboration and desktop sharing features. Other income streams are based on mass use like our Sqip Bids auction site or our online Green Lotto program.

Some income streams will grow very quickly; others will take more time to develop...but together we can build something stunningly successful.

What you get when you join SQIP:

· 100 FREE PEPs when you sign up
· 5% cash commission & bonus PEPs when members in your network buy more PEPs
· 5% cash commission when members in your network buy any Sqip service
· Cash dividends from purchases made throughout the entire Sqip network
· A lump sum ‘buy back’ dividend of 10 Euros or more per PEP
· Sell PEPs at any time you want to take profit
· No obligation to refer, buy, or sell. No qualifications. Ever!
· Matching bonuses of up to 100% if you purchase PEPs

To Sum It Up:

Sqip is all about people telling people…it’s viral. And when new members join Sqip they will spread the word .... creating millions of members around the world producing sales which generate commissions and dividends & keep pushing the PEP value up to the point where we will buy back all your PEPs for a lump sum final dividend pay out.
You can earn commissions on purchases made by anyone in your 10 level deep referral network and you can have an unlimited number of members on each level. You can earn from over 50 income streams; NO selling, NO Obligations, NO Qualifications.... EVER!
The more PEPs you own, the more income you can earn from EVERY purchase made by the ENTIRE Sqip membership network (not only your 10 levels). And again - NO QUALIFICATIONS. EVER!

Quick FAQ:

How long will PEPs be available for?
That depends on how quickly Sqip grows. We can have millions of members but only a small percentage of the membership can own PEPs.

Are PEPs actual shares in SqipCom Ltd?
PEPs are not registered shares in SqipCom Ltd. Even though many members have come to think of them as shares because they see the PEP value increasing and will have dividend rewards.

What can I expect to get in cash dividends?
Dividends will start small and grow as more income streams are activated and the membership increases. To begin with you will see only a fraction of a cent every day but this will increase over the weeks and months until you are seeing between 1 and 2 cents per PEP per day. So the more PEPs you have the more dividends you will get paid.

When can I expect to receive a final lump sum of up to 10 Euros per PEP?
Our goal is within 24 months after launching.
Where is SqipCom based?
SqipCom is decentralized with operations located in several countries including the USA, UK, India & Germany.

SqipCom Ltd registered Office:
Suite 1, Mec Complex, Avenue D’Aroha, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles
SqipCom does not offer any guarantee that you will make money with the Member Reward Program. The structure of the program is designed to be member driven. SqipCom will provide the portal, web sites and potential income streams in the way of services, upgrades subscriptions etc but it is up to the members to promote SqipCom with the goal of generating sales that subsequently create commissions and dividends.

Join with me FREE in SQIP here:
Be sure to listen to the audio!
Shelley Kraus

Friday, April 10, 2009

SQIP NEWS UPDATE: April 10, 2009


Are you guys paying attention to SQIP? IT'S FREE TO JOIN. Why anyone in their right mind would NOT join this company and receive their own 100 free private equity shares in this upcoming giant, is totally beyond me. Just do it people, before all shares (PEPS) are gone!


The PEP shares are worth .38 cents today and SQIP is GIVING you 100 shares just for joining.

The goal of SQIP is to get your private equity value to over 5 Euros per PEP by December 2009. You can help do this by introducing SQIP like crazy.


That's 500 Euros to you in PEP value by Dec 2009 and you did nothing but just join. You can certainly buy more shares in this company if you wish while they last. The shares value will just keep growing!

Go to the website to learn more: SQIP



News in brief…We are on target to go live in a few days from now.

Other news…We are introducing additional payment options in your back office area. You will see that Pay Pal is already there and a few more will be added in the coming days.

Locking in the current PEP price with a monthly payment plan is also available again.

This is currently only available via Pay Pal but we will be adding other options soon.

Weekly payouts: Starting in a few days you can request a withdrawal to your Towah account. Pay Pal and other options will be included soon.

This is the first step in providing you with your SQIP E-wallet.

You will be able to withdraw funds DAILY in the very near future

Commissions and dividends will be credited to your e-wallet daily…so you do not have to wait until every Friday to get your commission or once a month to get your PEP dividends.

Other features being added later include…

Make instant payments to any SQIP member from your e-wallet.

Merchant tools for members using our auction and other E-commerce sites.

Direct transfer to local banks in 34 countries at local transfer rates.

Some of these features will be available now or over the coming days…others will be implemented into your new back office system which will offer you amazing ‘State of the Art’ features.

We will also be doing your marketing for you. We are setting up a direct call teleseminar system via the internet with 14 scheduled multiuser calls every week.

This is a free to use online system for all of your referrals. You simply go to the site at the scheduled time to ‘watch and listen’ as our live presenter takes you and a few thousand other people through the amazing SQIP opportunity.

This is simply one of the most powerful and easiest ways to get more sign ups.

Details will be available in the next updates…


Our developers are in the process of merging the affiliate back office area with the portal login system. We were aiming for this to be completed today but it is not quite ready yet.

Apart from minor bugs the sites are functioning well and what bugs have been discovered by our testers are being fixed.

Almost there…!

To Join SQIP:
My referral URL is:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

SQIP... Is An Advanced Social Networking Platform That Offers Everything You Could Possibly Need In One Site!!

It's Yahoo, Google, Myspace, facebook, (etc.) & a business selling platform, email, messenger, music player, (etc.) all in one site.

Best of all, it's FREE!!!

They are launching VERY soon and instead of spending their money advertising they are offering...for a limited time ONLY....100 free Private Equity Shares.

The more people that sign up the more value the shares have. It is the easiest way to advertise!!!

This is so exciting!

SQIP is big and will certainly blow everyone away when the news really gets out. This is a no-brainer people!

Just sign-up, it's free and you get 100 free shares just for joining.

Listen to the audio on my website here: SQIP

Everything you need under one site! Get in now while they are new and upcoming and private shares are still available!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

What In This World Is A SQIP! positioned be the Next Mega Internet Success Story!!

You Can Get Paid to Give-Away Ownership in What May be the Next Mega Internet Giant!

Wouldn't you have loved owning shares in Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Google, etc...?? How about owning shares in the "NEXT BIG THING!" now??

If you ever use Yahoo, AOL, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Skype
etc you will begin to get an idea of what Sqip offers in its' Mega Portal!
(+ 80 possible streams of income!)

With more features that you can shake a stick at; you will love what you discover in Sqip ...there is something for every one....and it's always free to use!

I promise you this is "THE NEXT BIG THING!!"

I am so excited about this. There is no way to tell you everything in a post. TIME SENSITIVE!

Go to the site and just listen to the 8 minute audio. I know you will be as excited as I am.

Then be sure to resister and receive your 100 private equity shares in this new company for free!

Then listen to the 40 minute interview from the link in your back office with the founder of the company.

If that doesn't excite you, your wood is wet!

This launch is like, ... right before Google launched, or right before Facebook, Ebay, Twitter or any of those big boys launched.

The difference is... an income stream and ownership in the company!
Please go here quickly and get involved at the start.

PS: Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.


Easy.Video.Producer is the Answer!

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Viral Videos For List Building!

Today, in order to be relevant in internet marketing, your website or blog has to do more than just be a static webpage, now you have to have content and different methods to share that content such as having your own blog, perhaps forums, and now the biggie, video!

  • With increasing access to broadband, video is now possible for virtually everyone to use. Video has become the new must have have, not only for internet marketers but for everyone who has a website.
  • Easy Video Producer started its public launch on March 2, 2009 and to take advantage of the buzz on the front side and to build your marketing list quickly, you need to sign up quickly. Again the software is FREE and if you find value to the product upgrade to the next level if it makes since for upgrade. It’s that easy.
  • The secret to making money online is to build a contact list of people that see value in what you offer.
  • Easy Video Producer provides extreme value.
  • Take a couple of minutes to sign up for Easy Video Producer and begin building your new marketing list today!
  • The below 20 minute video is Part 1 of a 3 part session. I am giving you the first one here to get a taste of this program.

The below 20 minute video is Part 1 of a 3 part session. I am giving you the first one here to get a taste of this program. Please sign into Easy.Video.Producer "HERE" to receive parts 2 & 3 as my gift



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